How to Prepare for a Commercial Move: What We Do and What You Need to Do

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At A & J Moving and Contracting we know moving your business to a new location can be stressful, but if you choose the right company to handle the move, you can be assured the process will be done professionally, efficiently, and without incident. Before moving day there are some things you can do to help the moving process proceed smoothly. By preparing your employees and your business for the move, you’ll be in your new location and up and running in no time.

What You Need to Do to Get Ready for Moving Day

Preparation is the key to any successful commercial move whether you’re a small business with just a few employees, or a large operation with several employees and a host of equipment to be relocated.

Tell your employees well in advance. Let your people know at least a month before the move. This way they can prepare and help you with the preparation. When your people are informed of the move in advance they can begin to create checklists, prepare their equipment, sort and pack files, and many of the other tasks that need to be completed before moving day.

Create checklists. Checklists help everyone stay on track and ensure nothing gets overlooked. Each section of your business should have its own checklist. For example, the office end of your business may have a checklist which includes purging old files, while the industrial end may have a checklist which includes cleaning and preparing equipment for the move.

Update your contact information. This includes the contact page of your website, stationary, business cards, social media listings, and so on.

Keep track of your receipts. Keep a record of all of your expenses and file your receipts for future reference. Moving can get costly and by keeping your receipts you can keep track of these expenses.

Hire the right moving company. It is best to get at least three bids from moving companies before you decide on the right one. Ask them about prior moves and for customer references. Be clear on what services they offer and the price.

What We Do

At A & J Moving and Contracting we are skilled professionals with over 10 years of experience in commercial and residential moving. We make your move a stress free experience. We offer a wide variety of services to our clients.

Packing, unpacking supplies, as well as labeling files, computer, and equipment. If you need help getting organized our professionals will help you pack and unpack your files and equipment. Before the move we will come in and label everything in order so that when we unpack your office and business, everything will be in the proper place.

After hours and weekend services are available. We realize you have a business to run and any down time costs you money. This is why we offer after hours and weekend services so you can cut down on any time your business is non-operational.

Insurance requirements include $1,000,000 with additional insurance prior to start.

Padding and covering walls, walkways, and elevators. Our professional movers will ensure that your old location and new location are protected. Walls, walkways, and elevators will be covered to prevent damage from the moving process.

Professionally pad and shrink wrap items prior to move. As an extra measure of care all of your items will be shrink wrapped and padded before shipping. This ensures their safety and gives you an extra degree of peace of mind. All of your equipment, files, and furniture will arrive at your new location safely and damage free.

If you need to move your business, look no further than A & J Moving and Contracting. We can help you get organized, packed, and move your business across the city or across the country. We offer stress free moving to businesses of all sizes. Call or contact us today!

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