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SRS_residentialResidential Custom Builds

  •  Ability to Build in a Variety of Areas
  • A & J Moving and Contracting can build your custom home on your lot in Austin or anywhere in central Texas.  Our team will travel to the hill country or the lake to complete your project.  From small cottages to  5000 sq. ft. plus custom homes, A & J Moving and Contracting can handle it.

  • Design & Permitting
  • A & J Moving and Contracting can work with a customer’s design team or help by putting a top notch team together for the project.  This team would consist of an architect, engineer, designer and Crew manager.  We will also work with the client and designer organizing where to buy finish out items per their design. A & J Moving and Contracting will handle all permits, inspection reports, and 3rd party reports as well.

  • Solid Time-frame
  • These projects can take up a whole year depending on the size.  At A & J Moving and Contracting we designate personnel to each project to make sure the proper attention is given to the customer. Our Success manager, once given a project, will dedicate their time meet with client, architects and designers on a weekly basis.

SRS_commercialCommercial Custom Builds

  • Locally in and around Central Texas
  • A & J Moving and Contracting can build your customized office, restaurant, club or strip mall in Austin or Central Texas.  We are geared to build in town, or mobilize our personnel to anywhere in Central Texas. Small buildings for rental cars, storage buildings, car wash areas or strip malls are all in our scope of work.

  • Design & Permitting
  • In regards to design and permitting, our process requires a client to have plans drawn out for us to bid on.  These plans would be pre-approved by the city or county the building would be built in, and the architect would be responsible for getting building permits.

  • Solid Time-frame
  • Smaller buildings should take about 4 months while larger buildings could take 6 month to 2 years depending on the size. A & J Moving and Contracting would designate a building team consisting of project managers, superintendents, and crew managers to overlook all projects.

A & J Moving and Contracting wants to partner with you to create your dream home. Building a home is a large commitment and undertaking. There is a infinite number of options when selecting a new home or making the decision to build a custom home, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. A & J Moving and Contracting is here to serve you and ease that process. We pride our-self on our Integrity, Service and Commitment to our clients. We work closely to ensure that our projects are completed beautifully, on time and on budget while providing exemplary customer service. At A & J Moving and Contracting, our specialized architects can create anything imaginable to make your Silver Home, truly, your dream house.

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